Our Story

Big Thyme Farm is owned and operated by us, Charles and Kate Cathcart. In one way or another, the natural world has always been a big part of our lives together.  Having learned about the wide variety of plants that make delicious tea and tisanes, we started experimenting and brewing up the results.  We especially loved learning about native plants and “old ways” of doing things.

As we shared the results with friends and family, we were encouraged by their response.  We seemed to never get tired of being at the farm, learning more about what works, what tastes great, and staying positive through all the challenges.  We joked about becoming farmers.  And then, over time, the joke was no longer funny.  It seemed like a transition to a farm-focused life was a decision we could make – if we were brave enough, and if we were true to ourselves.  And if we learned a whole lot about soil, water, seeds, etc.!

One thing has led to another.

Still early on in the business, our farm is steadily, amazingly, becoming real.  We specialize in herbs and teas, (or tisanes, to be more precise), and currently offer chamomile, clover mint, lemongrass, lemon thyme, Licorice Mint and passionflower tea.  We also grow luffa gourds. 

Many new herbs and teas are planned for the future, so stay tuned!  (And dang – could someone get those yaupon trees to grow a bit faster, please?! We can’t wait to offer yaupon tea!)

In the soft light of each morning, we awake with thanks that friends and family have offered their encouragement, and that customers have offered their interest, feedback and support.

Our Philosophy

Big Thyme Farm is about taking our love for plants and nature, and sharing it with others.  It’s about adding plant-based gratitude to daily living.

All of our herbs and teas are organically grown.  The key to healthy plants is healthy soil, and we’re all about composting and natural soil-doctoring. 

In 2018, we both certified as Texas Master Naturalists.  This learning adventure helped us to see our land not just as a patch of dirt, but as an essential component of many ecosystems.  We don’t shoo away the caterpillars when they munch on some of our plants.  Rather, we rejoice in helping grow butterflies!  There is enough for all.  (We do draw the line at deer eating the echinacea though.  We installed more fencing. 😊)

Our farming is not just about soil science and composting.  It is about giving thanks for nature’s bounty, and bringing our enthusiasm and meditations into your life!

Our Name

Who doesn’t love a play on words?  But Big Thyme Farm is so much more than that.

Yes, we grow thyme: common thyme, creeping thyme, and lemon thyme. Each a delightful herb and the latter also a delicious tea.

Big Thyme is also a nod to Kate’s mom, Eleanor, an opinionated woman who loved accentuating her truths with “Big Time!” 


  • “You kids need to settle down. Big time!”
  • This pie is delicious. Big Time!”

As we debated names for our small farm, the memory of Eleanor, and her larger than life spirit, pushed us toward Big Thyme. 

Small farm, big attitude – just how she would like it.  (Thanks, Mom!)