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Not sure how to brew loose tea?  Well, everybody has their own opinion on that, so feel free to experiment. Here’s some guidelines:

  • Water Temperature: Water should be hot for herbal tea! Around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Place 1-2 tsp of herbs per cup. The amount you use depends on the size of your cup, or the number of people you’ll be serving from your teapot.  Experiment and do what tastes right to you.
  • Brew time: Pour water over herbs and flowers, cover tea cup/put lid on pot. Let brew for 3-5 minutes.
  • Add-ons: Honey, Lemon, Milk, Sugar – your choice!  (Honestly, we think Big Thyme tea is perfect just all on its own, with no additives, but we’re biased!)
  • Ice Tea: All teas and tisanes can be hot brewed, strained, and then put in the fridge to make an ice tea.  Lemon thyme and Clover Mint lend themselves well to this.  
    • Feeling bubbly?  Mix cold lemon thyme tea in equal portion with a sparkling lemon water for a delicious refreshing bubbly tea.
    • Share your mixes with us, so we can share them with others!
  • Medicinal qualities – we grow herbs and flowers because we love the taste of the tea (or tisane) that results. We make no claims about the medicinal properties of these herbs.