We are guided by the Texas Cottage Food law, and are only authorized to sell our tea person-to-person. We are not allowed to sell our products on line at this time, but hope to be able to soon.  Luffas and soaps (non-food products) are eligible for on line sales.

Our Teas

Chamomile Tea

A soothing, delicate tea that has an apple-like fragrance. We combine flowers with leaves and stems to make a lovely, full-bodied chamomile tea.

 Clover Mint Tea

A light, refreshing tea that perfectly blends crimson clover flowers and spearmint leaves. Red and green never tasted so

good together!

Lemon Thyme

Strip leaves from the stem and use these small but mighty leaves to flavor roasts and stews. If using for tea, go ahead and plop leaves (still on the stem) into your cup for a wonderfully fragrant tea that has a delicious, citrusy taste.

Lemongrass Tea

A crisp, mildly lemony tasting tea made from lemongrass leaves that soothes with a fresh, invigorating fragrance.

Passionflower Tea

Given the other-wordly look of the passionflower, you might guess this tea would taste sweet and tropical.  Well, it doesn’t!  Passionflower has a surprisingly earthy yet very satisfying taste. Made mostly from the passionflower leaves, bits of flower are also sprinkled into the mix.

Licorice Mint  (Anise Hyssop)

We originally grew this mint (Anise Hyssop) thinking it would be a nice blend with other herbs. Then we brewed up a cup and quickly understood that this delicious plant had to have its very own label. Licorice Mint has a fragrant, complex mix of flavors with notes of fennel, lemon and mint. The licorice taste is so slight that even licorice-haters rave about this tea. The taste is crisply delicious, and the fragrant scent offers unbelievable aromatherapy.

 Mineola Medley

Tradition with a twist! This tea blends spearmint, lemongrass and strawberry mint, creating a fragrant, unique and delicious blend of familiar and fun